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Gift Cards

Gift cards increase your average consumer purchase by 20 to 50%.
JPS gift cards offer various benefits such as:
Consumers typically spend more than the value of card.
Marketing/Advertising: Your logo will be on hundreds of high circulation cards.
Traffic: Current customers give cards to non-customers.
Frequency: Customers make return trips to use their cards.

Check Processing

Check Guarantee/Truncation: Take the worry of accepting a bad check out of the picture. Utilizing check truncation eliminates the trip to the bank for depositing checks as your pos terminal guarantees and deposits them to the bank for you, saving you time and money.

Check 21: Allows for processing and guarantee of checks. They can be business checks for the business to business environment. Imagers and credit cards in one terminal or a separate imager can be attached to your credit card terminal. Personal and business checks are both guaranteed using this system.

ATM Machines

ATM Machines: ATM machines for your location can increase your monthly bottom line. Profit on transaction income, with a minimum of $1.50 per transaction for your business. Low cost ATM’s are available making ownership very affordable.

Cash Advance

Business Cash Advances are an Alternative to Small Business Loans or Business Loans. Qualifying for those loans in today’s economy can be difficult, a Cash Advance can be a quick and easy alternative. A one page application and extremely fast approval process can provide those needed funds, from as low as $2500-$400,000. We have a high approval rates and minimal credit requirements and a repayment process tied to your business’ sales volume. Let us provide the working capital that you need.

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