At JPS, we offer a multitude of services to ensure every one of your payment and loyalty needs are covered. We’re not like most credit card companies; with more than 30 years in the credit card industry, our team has the experience and confidence you’ve been looking for. For service inquiries or additional information, contact us today!

  • Next Day Funding: Merchants can receive their funds within a single business day.
  • Fraud Monitoring: With fraud becoming more commonplace in today’s world, our team of experts will guide you to reduce this risk.
  • POS Systems: A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a hardware system for processing card payments and tracking orders at retail-restaurant locations. Let JPS point you to the correct system for your business.
  • Chargeback Assistance: JPS provides one-on-one consultation on how to avoid as well as respond to chargebacks/retrieval requests.
  • Mobile Options: Accept payments anytime, anywhere with our many Wi-Fi and cell phone solutions.
  • 24/7 Help Desk: 24/7, 365 technical support for our customers from technicians you can trust.
  • Level II & Level III Processing: Level II and Level III processing for the corporate/business cards customers to lower processing costs.
  • B2B Solutions: Processing techniques that make your business-to-business transactions more secure and less costly.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Save money and time having customer payments automatically integrate into QuickBooks via invoice number or customer name.
  • Customer Data Manager: A customer database that maintains customer information including encryption of card numbers.
  • Inventory Management: Real time inventory tracking/reporting for stock orders and identifying customer trends.
  • Email/Text Billing: Send invoices that your customers can click for payment. This is great for service providers when the customer is not available.
  • Online Account Access: Review transactions, deposits, monthly processing statements, and more all from one secure website.
  • eCommerce: The buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.
  • Gateway: Gateways connect your website to the credit card processing networks.
  • Online/Virtual Processing: Use a computer to process your credit cards from anywhere.
  • Gift Cards: Gift Cards can increase the average purchase by 20% to 50%
    • Revenue: Increase up front income.
    • Marketing/Advertising: Your logo on hundreds of cards in wallets.
    • Traffic: Typically gifted cards are to non-customers, resulting in increased traffic to your business.
    • Frequency: Gift card value not spent in one visit, resulting in return trips.
  • Check Guarantee: Take the worry of accepting a bad check away and have peace of mind when accepting checks for payment. Truncation deposits the check into your account without a trip to the bank, saving you time and money.
  • Cash Advance: This Advance is an alternative to SBA and Bank loans. The Cash Advance are a quick and easy alternative. Extremely fast approval process, getting you the loan in just a few days. Loans from $2500 to $400,000.

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